Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

The Change

Part one of three. The onset of general change. Change that has to happen. Change that hurts. Change that we live. Change that kills. Change.


It must happen

Not even your safe

How sad it is

Was such a pure soul

Now sweet no more

Empty shell of a whore

If only you could come back

Change the past, our future

But there is no turning back

Too bad you’re lost

The story complete




Where have you gone?

The friend I knew

Gone away

Forever more?

You were my crutch

Broken love

Awaken dream

Change galore

Lost soul

Sad and poor

You, my friend

No more




Colors of the soul in the wind

Heart so clear now lost

Transformed to evil

Never going back, I fear

Gone past the point of no return

Eagles wings fly, now soar


Death, where is your pain

The fear of losing

Head hung in shame

Cries of the world

End is near

Life holds no meaning

The damned sees me

The future of societies

Destruction past saviors

Gone from life’s understanding

Freedom from life





Your lost, so lost

Gone astray

The friend I knew

Cast so far away

A bitter smile

Memories fade

A lost soul

Fled today

Loyalty felt true

Time emotion brought

Lies of yesterday

Evils brought

Giving up seems rough

A hurting bitch, not so

Cast away

Darkness flung

So lost

Look back no more