Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Your change

Part two of three. Your change. Her change. Painful. So painful. One so close. Now gone. What caused it? Read within.

You call me a friend

Use me, a tool

Gain what you can

Life is free; I’m a fool


Turning on the red light

Winking at every toy

Your number on the bathroom wall

Now I know never to call


Bending over, turn around

Showing your face to the world

You say you aren’t, you are

Mirrors reflecting on the wall


What game will you play next?

Who will the pieces be on the board?

Building your hope of victory

Your heart comes crashing down


Words of sweet seduction

Eyes of burning rain

One after one, they take the bait

Devils hiding her hand


No more will I waste

Losing my sight for the blind

Away I flee, miss me not

You bitch of towering Hell




What are the words

Thoughts you’ll write

Hatred pain

Drawn out

About me?

Like mine?

Could it be?

The single thing you hate

Really reflecting at me?


Man changed your thought

Dreams shaped the girl

Body crying out for more

Soul lost in love

Words flirting strings

Laugh cynical, deep

Eyes lying through

Thoughts of yourself

Hands, a crushing blow

Existence lost

As to who you are





Lies from truth

Devils muse

Confliction impales

Hurting brute

Savage monster

Raging sea

Curtain call

Mercy free

Calling sorrow

Bleeding breed

Calling ending

Death in me

Lies from truth

Plaguing lute

Death tomorrow

Never too soon

Lying cheat

Sadly mute

Gone forever

Goodnight moon