Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

My change

Part three of three. The end. My change. No more change. Starts with change. Your change. My change. No more to say. No more to write. The change. Within.

I tried so hard

To make it work

Cooperation a forethought

In a shattered mind

Broken souls abound


Staying brought only pain

Yet I tried for the one

The one called closest

Here in the end we stand

Hatred ensues man


Your change was too much

No longer can I wait

Turn back no more may I

For pain yet only remain

My best friend gone today




Black is the night

Song of my soul

Tears of the father

Mourning the loss

Silence pierces my mind

Body ringing the soul

Lost lamb killed with the damned




I need freedom

Need to be free

Run away from trouble

Clear my mind to see

Devil let me be

Experience the taste

Sweet freedom

Can’t take no more

Momma set me free

Eagles soar, take flight

Leaves in the wind

Let freedom be

Mindless needing me

Take me away, lets see

Freedom longs in he

So cast me away

How I long to see

The sweet calling

Freedom finally free




This is the end

Pen dry, write no more

The final chapter

Tears within

Flourishing sin

Dirty hands

Broken door

Mind hurts

Pain beyond

Look back

No more

Nothing left

Lost soul

Here today