Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

A romance of words

I once fell in love with someone who I cared nothing about... And so did she. See, we used each other as an outlet of poetic thought.We would send messages back and forth, talking of love in poetic verse. Here is what I said in a very few conversations.

Open your heart and open your soul

And let me re-mold your heart.

Tell me your wants, your desire.

Let me make them real.

What do you want me to do?

What do you want to know?

My heart is open for you.

Ask anything, nothing is too far.

Just say, just ask, and let me fix.

Do you understand what I say?

Its all yours, just tell me what you want.

Tell me the questions you have locked inside.

Let me answer, let me give. Just tell.

Let your dreams take you away

So I may meet you there.

Plunge you into unknown pleasure.

Let me take the knife and drill away the pain.

Where there is unknown let me fulfill your answers.

Shall you never be lonely again.

For here I am, here to stay, here to fill.

Bring water to the empty well.

A thirsty man, I shall drink forever.


I will be here tomorrow
I shan't go away.
Baby give me your hand and we're gone.
The mysterious draw
Of the artist hand
Keeps leading me to you
So far away, yet near, close
I feel like I shall never see
Yet here I am, your love, your strength
Never to go away
For you are my love, my baby, my life
Let me renew your strength, hope, and mind
Tomorrow shall be as today, everyday for life
The rock behind the waters fall
Holding strong the bond of stride.


Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll show you the way.

Tell me your desires, wants, desires.

Let me make them come to life.

So honest, so pure, so willing to work.

Lift your sorrow away.

So believe me now.

Let me soothe your heart.

Let me complete your troubled soul.

And let me love forever.


Now word are words so let me tell.

Tell all the world has to offer.

Tell me your heart, your secrets, desires.

So that I may long last complete.


It was by the waters edge

A night as black as the blackest night.

We met, we talked, we kissed a kissed

Then shared the words on the blight.

Words love love and words of despair.

Words of tears and joy.

It was the sweetest dream we ever saw

The dreams of a tortured soul.

Longing for the world.

Words we see and create.


Tonight I'll dream, sweet dreams.

Dreams of desire. Dreams of passion.

Dreams of untold fortune unlocked at my feet.

I'll see you, and seek you, and love you again.

Hold you in my arms till I awake again.

To daydream the thoughts and to see the face.

To hold on till we see again.


The day shall come soon

That I will always lay beside you

Holding you, like holding life itself.

Taking you close, smelling your beautiful hair.

The scent that stirs me like no other.

Kissing the soft velvet lips,

Like kissing the silk of the sun.

Two bodies of one, the magic of the night.

What a beautiful body it is.


Let me open your eyes.

Let me end your dream.

Let me fill your world

With the works of the poets.

Shall I show you the life?

Can I show you my dreams?

Stir now, sit up, look around.

For the future you hold is only within your dreams.

And your dreams within your future.

Come now, walk down the path of eternity

And let me show what secrets it has awaiting

Down the road less traveled.

Let me show you what’s down the rabbits hole.

Let me take you to the stars.

Let me take you.



May I never make you wait long.

For as the ocean longs for its white glow

It cries as the new day starts and it must wait.

Just as the birds longs to sing the songs of the new morning.

As the poet waits for his muse...

The wait can be long and with dread, but fear not.

For I shall never drift far from the waters edge

And leave you with the pains of the wait.


Why does the moon raise every night?

Why does it fall away?

Why does the caged bird sing?

Longing to get away?

Why do I love you?

Is there an answer how?

No way to describe your perfection.

No words to detail.

Your right, your the one.

The one that I love.

Why do I love you?

Words may never say.

But know you are different

The one that is special...

And that is what makes all the difference.



I'm sure of the love.

I'm sure of the devotion.

I'm sure of what I know.

School tries to teach

But I already know.

Know your the one I want.

Believe in luck and don't love sight of 711

For on that day and forever more

Words becomes reality.

Every moment I have shall be spent

By your side in arms that I long to hold.

Its not just emotion

Its not just confusion.

I know I love you.



Words such as these can come only from deep within.

Romantics throughout the ages can prove my statement.

For when you love so strong, so fierce, and true

The heart sings and no lies can be told.

Baby, I'm here and can only speak the truth.

I love you, my love, and that is the end.



Then open your eyes and listen to the music of the night.

Let your heart guide and let me show you what this world has to offer.

Let me fly you to the dark side of the moon

So that only we may see the secrets that it holds.

Let me love you forever.



How much does a captain miss the sea?

How much does a child miss its mother when its away?

How can words describe the empty pit that lies

Within a man when his heart is in the hand of another

And that person has to be so far, yet so close to the soul?

How could words express?


I've seen the fear

I've lived the child's life

I know what you fear

And how you may push

Yet I shall always be near

Willing to help

Always trying to understand

Standing tall in the battlefield

Never willing to back down

Custard ran in blind, yet I can see

The ending I wish to see

I see the child, yet the woman inside

The shining light wanting to break free.

Try as I will, always here and dear

Helping you to break free.



The time is now and here I am.

Truth and honesty in one.

My book for you to read.

A dog licking your hand.

The innocent beast can't betray.

And as the sun is faithful to us everyday

So shall my light be for you.

Flirt to no need for the soul rest in one.

You place there is your, beside, inside.

Always with me.



Time shall pass, yet here I stand
Waiting to see the light at the end
I believe in you, I love in you
Forever till tomorrow till today
I will take your word
And see that you enjoy
What company this soul has to offer
Await the day till I can see
The real girl I love.



Ah, to quote the raven and the sweet Lenore
Using the words of another against me
Guilt my tired, broken soul.
Let me inspire and ignite your mind
Craft your heart like the potters hand
To reshape the world as you want to see
Play the game of love and see the fate

To go on and on draws my mind a plenty
Upon a midnight dreary, while I ponder weak and weary.
That I scarce was sure I heard you
Here I opened wide the door
Darkness there, and nothing more.

So there is the raven, flying high by your head
Now to twist the nature of its blackened soul
Sitting there, tapping upon my chamber door
Shall we go on forever more?
Then the passion, ever lasting, at the door?
May I open the door and greater discover
More then the darkness there and nothing more.
No, let me open and face to see
The look of beauty resting to inspire me.
She shall press, ah, nevermore!



Shall the raven sit forever more?

Or shall she fly to the depths of my soul?

Will the contemplation slice the floor?

Or can it be oh so much more?

Finally this I hope not true

Could you take thy beak from out my heart

And take thy form from off my door?

Tell this soul with sorrow laden if

Within the distant Aidenn

It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore

Oh my sweet Lenore, do not fade.

Please only grow closer with each passing day

Its not a dream, this night is clear

Tis a love like none before


So stand tall and not fade away

Live in my heart and soul forever.

The love, the inspiration, devotion carry on

So long as I never hear the croak of "Nevermore"

I shall love and reach the span

Touch your life, your very door

Will you answer the rapping, have me sitting

Sitting for the rest of your life on your bedroom door?



Here stand your amore.

The only one I love and adore

Barriers fall down, no doors

No love like ever before

So much love I have in store

I'm yours, may I never bore.

May I be your amore.

Standing here, ever more.


Your king, your jester, your royal fool

Always here, your sharpest tool

My love, my lust, my fevered pool

All is yours, my sherie amore


May we only ever grow

Shall my love never fail

Love, love I hold inside

All for you, never more.

This is it, the final call.

The decision I know and love

Here I am, just for you my doll

May I ever sit upon your door.

Here and now at your bedroom door

Let us dream of the fantasies we both indore.

Walking along the ocean shore

The love abounding now, forever more.


None other can I love like you

For you set my soul alight.

Caged is now the wild stallion, the crazed bore

Resting within my heart, now evermore.




Then I've failed

To show you the way

To take your illusions away

Making doubt fade

This ends today


Try as I might, I couldn't succeed

The seed, unwatered, dies

No fruit shall it bare

The noose from its dead leaves

Nothing left to do today


Sorrow ends and life fails

Its last desperate cling to reality

Yet sooner or later another dream comes

It takes the place of the past

Too late to turn back now.


The lights are out

The house is cold

Dreams alluding away

No sound by the wind

Void of its pleasure


It was fun while it lasted

Yet its come to a close

Ceasing to entertain the day

So farewell my love I'm sorry so

One shot and now I'm away.