Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within


Two poems for a sick friend. Physically ill. Both derived the smile they so searched for on a pale, ashen face. May they serve you well even on your darkest days. Smile again today.

And now another, for a teacher I loved. May she rise again soon, to touch the world evermore. 


Smile so sweet

Laughter so soft

Yet sadness shows

As your health falls


Cloudy day

Drowned emotion

Near despair

Look to my devotion


A familiar face

A happy reproach

Caring hands, loving eyes

Wanting to see you better


My dearest friend

Raise your troubled face

Close your eyes to rest

Dream of a better tomorrow


Feel sun on face

Walking in the park

The breeze on your face

Share a smile, glowing bright


My dearest love

See it as you may

Health so clear as day

I want you better today


So come and see

The new brightest day

Tomorrow is the time

You smile well today.




The sun shines bright

Your smile so warm

My deflated heart cries

To see you hurt


I’d go every mile

Let no barrier stand before

Do what it takes

Make you well again


Let the light pierce the clouds

Rain fall away

Open your eyes to the new day

Feel well, better, happy ‘gain.


Bring on the good times

Laughter’s contagious run

Blow away all the ill within

Cheer your frightened soul


Now sleep, await tomorrow

When Gods healing hand hath touched

For I’ll stand beside you, pray away

Till the day your better and stay


To come to an end

Smile joyfully if only for me

Medicine comes from unexpected places

Wait and heal today.



 A powerful woman
A leader of futures
Teacher of romance from the soul
A lover, a fighter, a mother
Mother to us all
Singer of songs
A gardener of natures seeds
Rise woman rise
Greet the brand new day
Smile once again God's smile
Pray we do for one more day
Waiting for the time
As the world stands still
Our hearts skip a beat
Rise teacher rise
Greet the brand new day
You have so much ahead
Chapters of untold story
Touch another soul today
Teach lessons of romance and love
Never forget the love we all hold
Now rise woman rise
Greet the brand new day
With a new lease on life
A second of laughter
Fill the glass soul
Pour until our hearts fill
Support of a nation
We pray not remission
Our blind ambition
To see you rise woman rise
Greet the brand new day
For not a diamond so tough
As we all hold our breath
To see you rise. Rise. Rise
An greet this brand new day
For the sun is out
The world is ours
So rise woman rise
And greet the new day