Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Death of the soul

This was written at a point in my life in which I was crashing... In fact, suicide was a real option at this point. Of course, I am still alive today, so... But, the imagery is suppose to represent how my world was falling apart.

Life is Hell
The world is broken
The church bells no longer ring
Artillery shells burst above
People fall and start to pray
Hoping someone above can hear
A thousands souls break and cry at once
The hearts left cold and black
They wonder around blind
And shed blood spilled
They clench their fist in fear
The devil is showing his face
Hatred spreads to all
Life is Hell; Heaven is gone
All the world is in pain
We pull the gun and there they all go
Ourselves condemned with the damned.

It is all gone; life is over
Death plays in the backyard
She gives me her hand and away I go
To the River Styx to swim

This is the end; all is done
I don't want life; carry it on
Force the life out of my soul
And take me to the Valley of Hell.