Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Here is a collection on depression, and how those who suffer start to see depression as an old friend, and the lies that we use to hide our depression.

Hello my friend
It's been so long
Such a hold
Life was good
Free and bold
Why show your face
Once more
I tried to chance
Please your lost soul
Yet failed have I
Your quiet return
Rapping on my door
Yet again, I welcome you in
Sit and stay awhile
We need to catch up, old friend
On all of lifes twists and turns
For here and now
We become one again
And I sink into that place
Where forever treads

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Where is the face I seek
The one I seek that falls
That falls off the map
The map of the soul
The soul that longs
Longs to be loved
Loved more then all
All other emotions cast away
Cast away to strengthen
Strengthen my broken soul
A broken soul crushed by life
By life unnoticed by all
All that pass each day
Each day I smile and wave
Smile and wave at an empty wall
An empty wall facing the world
The world passing by my mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who will see my face
My face... Before I end it all

I wake up in the morning and gaze
Loom upon my smiling face in the mirror
Such a cheerful man full of life
Filled with the promise of a better day
It's a face loved by all
The desire of men and women alike
No wonder that face bares a smile
With such a life, what more could it hold?
In the background exists the world
Friends jumping up to be noticed
Everyone wants attention in my mirror
I have a beautif girl, family, more
Perfection glaring back at me
The ideal job, house, cars
I have it all
Life the way everyone wants to live
But at the top, a crack forms
It spreads as fast as fire
My mirror shatters, my dreams fade
And now the face of reality
I see nothing, a ghost in the world
My mirror just a dirty wall

How are you? I'm good.
How is your day? Wonderful.
How are you feeling? Never better!
Are you feeling lucky sir? Only everyday!
Ready to start? Of couse.
What's wrong? Nothing at all.
Is there something bothering you? No.
Is there anything I can do? Please, I'm fine.
The lies we tell everyday
Attempts to brush everyone away
Allusions, fascades to show a perfect world
Faking a world we wish to emplore
Yet inside we're left with the answers
Terrible, depressed, never lucky...
A cry for help unspoken
The world shall never see
The true depression within
All that is visible
I'm great, thanks