Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Suicide twice over

The title speaks for itself. Two poems about killing myself

Why did you do it?
Did you think no one cared?
Did you miss the love?
Ignored all the times we had shared?

I know times were hard
That you were in perpetual debate
Yet I was always there to help
Why did you throw it away?

At least it was quick; you felt no pain
Though, all you left me was Hell.
You let is all go; no cares at all
Now I have to decide where to go.

I feel this loss and I can't take must more
The people are crying and weeping and more
The shattered memories of yesterday dance around
Yet, I'm done; I cut the music; they're gone

You were my hero so all that is left
Is to follow in your beautiful footsteps
Thirteen knots and around that sturdy neck
I place my noose just to see you again.


I knock on her window; she is never there

I leave her a note; a letter unanswered.

A physical need and a lack for desire

The broken spirit leaving room only for death


I reflect on my actions and ponder change

Wonder what the future can hold

The shattered crystal ball; dreams on the floor

The gun; it calls; I listen


Unanswered questions last on my mind

What did I do wrong? Does she care?

Is this nightmare worth living?

Hell no, end it all right here


My final thought on you my love

Pondering if the world will care

Will you miss me? Will they cry?

Once I'm gone, I'm dead.


This is final; no change need be made

No one gives a shit to the damned

I pull the trigger; the bullet; it flies

Into my heart; my love; goodbye