Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

All For grace

This is the one individual who started all my poetry. One day my book shall be in thanks to her.This is my first works, so far from the best... But they meant the world to me at the time.

And she was graceful in all her ways

And she was graceful in all her ways

Her face, her heart, and her spirit

She radiated the pure light

And let it seep into to the hearts of others

She let out the sunlight into the heart of the storm

The tamed the wild spirit that refused to rest

She opened the cage door and out flew the dove

Which took flight and landed on her to rest and to feed

Off of the white, because he was tired from all

All the black seed that infested the body

She was love

She was emotion

She was truly graceful

If Tomorrow Were To End

If tomorrow were to end today my heart would end broken

The feelings and thoughts I have for you would forever

Forever be sent in a lost heart that would go unheard

You would never know of the love I have hidden

You would never know of the beauty I find in your life

My soul might just rupture with all the pressure

Pressure that could never be released

The fantasies I hoped to live could never come true

My soul would mourn over the fact that I could never tell

Just how deep my love runs for you, my dear

Of the future I could never tell you...

The Heart and the Mind

The heart and the mind complete the soul

Making the body itself a whole

To love and be loved is the hearts one true goal

The mind to think and change it all

We know that we are to follow our hearts

To follow where it needs to go

The brain to deny that pleasure

To change the feeling of the soul

We get confused in it all

Love loses sight to nothing at all

Confusion wreaks a troubled body

One path broken up into the world

To give up the thoughts that we think

Is to give up who we are

But, to work them into the hearts desires

Is to lay to rest a sleepless soul

The heart and the mind complete the soul

Making the body itself a whole

To blend them into passion

Makes for one sweet soul.


Time ticks away and still you don’t see.

My eyes hold on you just to live for the day.

You heart and you mind as deep as my dearest love.

Filling the hole in my soul and a need I dear long.

You look at me and still never see.

My soul is for you and still you don’t see.

I give you all, my love, my life.

I give you my will to live and yet we never say the hearts great.

I long to tell you exactly what I see.

My secret to keep till the day we truly meet.

I love you so and one day you will see.

The true me. Waiting to see.

My Skylight Beauty

The stars explode and then you are mine

Time builds to create our love complete

Love flourishes like that soul of the sun

The many planets are your greatest qualities

The Goddess of love burns a hole in my heart

The Goddess of beauty graced upon you

My love runs as deep as the longest galaxy

The darkness of space filled with your light

Only you calm the storms of Mars

A personality that spans the explosion of a super nova

My love you, my dear, numbers only the stars

Of Friendship

God is amazing

And God is good

Let me thank his for us.

I prayed and he delivered

Your kind spirit in my soul

The joy, the fun, and the laughter

Are blessed by the angels sent

To heal my broken soul

With your soft healing hands.

God works in mysterious ways

In the unusual way we met.

We discover where we don't expect to find

Find a soul mate in a friend.

I bow my head

And give my thanks

And say a prayer for us

That nothing would ever end

The blessings of our friendship.

You Are Perfection

Your small delicate hands

Your soft gentle skin

Your light full lips

That needs no invitation

Your diamond eyes with the onyx center

Your hair torn from the blessed angel

Your body crafted by the master sculpture

You are the image of perfection

Your skin of creme covered in white veil

Taking over all signs of the dark

Your laugh is the song of the universe

You voice of the purest crystal

Writing love filled words on my heart

You perfect perfection

The ultimate complexion

God spend his perfection well

He used it so I could love.

Your Light

The light will never fade

Your face glows so bright

The sun blinding my heart

It is so bright

It reflects off your goldish hair

The deep pools in your eyes

The perfect smile cast not a shadow

Only the purest of all sights

Your soul will glimmer

Even in the times of great darkness

Your brilliant mind reflects yet again the light

My dear, please never put out my light; my saving grace

For without a light, a man can only stumble in the darkness

I shall hold on to your light forever.


What is our future?

What does it hold?

Are we all happy men?

Or simply lost souls?

Do we have friends?

Do we have love?

Will there be anything in this world?

Or are we just building a lost cause?

Will we have pride?

Or have nothing at all?

Will we have friends?

Or will they all be sold?

Will we have jobs?

Or will we be nothing?

Will we have a purpose to live?

No purpose at all?

Our future is deep.

Our future is dark.

Our lives are nothing.

Just a lost cause.

Cupids Sin

My hope is lost

Our future now to be forgotten

Needs and dreams gone for good

The love now broken

Love is selfish

Love is rude

Desire the ultimate sin

To Hell now we be gone

To look away from the precious dream

To feel the world all gone

Is to feel the sting

Of the helpless soul

Cupids arrows tempt to hit

But, now are gone to another

The key to your heart

Driving with a foreign hand

I still will love

You never will

I give up hope

For whenever we shall live

So long my love

I close my eyes

To turn away

From cupids sin