Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

For You and you

One of three. One that used to be. Two women that I love to see. Poems, odes to thee. In honor of thy blessed lives. Let the words give you glances, see. Of the three in one and one I used to be. Oh sweet odes to you, and you, and me.

Love is a young girls game

Yet hide in the shadows, tucked away

The girl with evasive, searching eyes

Hiding, fighting, living away


Beauty overwhelms the passing eye

The features a man dies to try

Yet the mirror holds no truths

Blinded by herself, she can never see


Changing, ever changing

Both beauty and mind

Yelling, raising, waving a hand

The creature commit out its shell


Desire carries the heart aplenty

A fright as a love does in tell

And the shopping a need to be

Holding on to the nearest, farthest, and the dear


Who is this girl I know but never see?

What riches does she offer yet hide?

What will I see when I finally see

The girl to be revealed


The mystery, the love, beauty’s light

So simple and as deep as the sea

Knowing such the soul, the tender soul

Such is a pleasure for me!




The strength of a thousand men lies within.

The eyes of the basilisk drill to kill

The beauty within as perfect as out

Love for you shows all around


A two faced angel for day and night

Two haves of a whole in battle

Yet to stand down would shatter all souls

Side by side we stand for life


Wise like the woman of Gods

Intelligence to mend the mind of masters

A face cast in the moonlight shines around

Warming the souls of those who are down


You make life worth living

A laugh that is so cherished indeed

Time spent like dreams cast into reality

Times that shall never be forgotten


Here is the wine and I toast to you

Thankful for all we have

God’s blessings have never been better

I seize the day and it is all the sweeter