Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Nature Poems From Across The Seas

So while I was overseas, I ended up on a boat ride. This ride included a beautiful sunset over the diffeent Greek islands. This is where this collection was written. Enjoy.


Running through the forest

Trying to get away

Chasing after moonlight beams

Surrounding shades of gray

“Follow me” said the snake so sly

“Don’t lie” the possessed lie

Feet hitting the fresh track

Unable to get away

A trip, I fall

No hope of chasing it away

“Welcome to Hell” it greets

“For here are your deepest fears”

Yet he clearly doesn’t know

That what the forest shows

Already in Hell an I




The fire sky

The blackest moon

Stars falling down

The earth calls

Trembling water

Isles aglow

Earths watercolor

Gods show




Here lay my breath

Fallen upon the stars

My hand trembles

As she walks the shore

The red, blue, black

Heavens gaze held above

Your radiant glow

The angels bow down

This night is calm

Yet my heart races

Beating in the water

My love, my desire

The stars fall for you




Every step I take

Hand in hand

You are always there

To lead and to guide

No matter where I go

I can stray so far away

My love for you will always stay

Just strides apart

Forever taking the step

Walking with me




How deep the light

Casting, falling down

Waning, cresting, evermore

Light above to fall below

The guiding light evermore

How soft, how sharp

Lasting now, forever more

The light of the demon




The honk of a horn

Ignorant, pitiless fools

What have you done?

What did she do?

No more glow foretold

A lost cause fighting back

Who’s breath will now hold?




Oh my love, why can’t it be?

May your glow not shine upon me?

I look up, desire set free

Only in you may I be.

To the moon, to the stars

Fly my where you see

All I desire is in your hands

Oh my love, why can’t it be?




She walks in the moonlight

Skin fairer then the night

Eyes piercing the stars

Taking strides with pride

She takes flight, oh boundless flight

Heaven is the celestial bound

Perfection rising up to strength

To break free of heartless mind

Love known to no man

Desire of all

Only heaven knows her

Hiding from other

Sitting tall at all means

She knows no end.




Star light star bright

Guide me now, I ask tonight

Strengthen me, hold on tight

Bless me now with wisdom found

Show me the way of life

So I may bask in your light

Steer me through the stars

Take my hand and lead

Star light star bright

Guide me now, I pray tonight




Blackest night, oh how can it be?

That this is all Gods love for me? The fallen sun, the burning moon

Heavens light, faded noon

How majestic the gift

The gift for you and me

Blackest night, oh how can it be?

That this is all Gods love for me.




So many numbers

I feel so small

One against infinity

Forever reaching, stretching long

One of me against them all

Where is my place in this barren world?

Is it shivering in the cold?

May my future rest with you great star?

For I shall lie in you forever

So great the sky, so many lights

Guide me now so I may know

Where my place is among many