Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Losing a Friend...

This collection of three poems was written at a time when I had my best friend stab me in the back...

Look at the savior on the mount

Calling out to the masses below

Hear his words, his lies

At he tells of a brighter tomorrow

He tells of a heaven

A place that shows happiness

Yet in the end we’re all shown

A bloody fucking hell


She stands there talking about the future

About how perfect it will be

Yet flying in her lying eyes

Temptations fires flame

She smiles and asks if all is right

A smile, a yes

Waking up dead in my bed

Sing me a seductive song

Let it play upon my ears

String the harp of my heart

Then hit that note sharp

Let the music transform

Change from the sweet love sounds

To the bitter moans of sorrow

Let the music take you away


The preacher stand tall

Reading about the last

It was all spelled out clear

About what brought down the deer

The free animal of natures love

Shot down by a shot to the heart

Lived by the lies he was taught

Now no more thoughts does he hold

Lying there, face in pain

You walk by, cry, and stare

For you were the hunter looking for gold

Let the fire now reign in your hell


As for that which I now see

Nine rings go to bear

The burden of my cursed life with you

The pleasure that you once took

Forever now may I rest

In the god damned hole of Satins breath

Gone for good now I do exist




Cast out this dream

Fly to the fires of hell

Burn in the melting light

Show your face no more


Screw this batter soul

Outcast it to the dogs

Not a feeling left inside worth life

Fuck it all


Condemn this angel’s life

Heaven shows no love for Satin

Put it in its place, far away

Let no woman see its fight


Punish this runaway slave

Master controls all function

A thought too far, lost in haze

Beat him to the shell he is


Turn away from the man

Nothing more to see

Broken sparrows wings

Tumbling against the wind


Wave adieu to this broken heart

Lies no more can reign

Time to wake up and smell the roses

Flowers grow nicely in hell


Complete this story

Its final page writ

Walk away, turn your damn back

The hero slain, evil won, hell only begun


Forget what you have seen

Mirrors on the wall shatter away

I’m gone, it’s gone, but here to stay

Burning shambles of the soul rot away.




You call me a friend

Yet there you walk away

Turn your back on me

For the one you don’t know

You lying bitch

Crushing soul

Shattered memories

Broken man

See how you feel

An empty car in the morning

Nothing left behind

Read the book when I’m gone

Cry blood tears

You speak anger

I scream pain

Falling down

Tumbling mountains crawl

See sun gone

Clouds of black

Pools of red

Lying by the feet

A guns short nature

Bloods fast run

Feel the pain

Break your damn heart

Holes of endless flight

Flames licking my feet

Time to go

Burn away

In the hell you created