Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Wanting more then friendship

Everyone has had a time in their life when they wanted love out of a friend. Here are three poems that use three different base ideas to express that longing desire

Sitting there, watching you

Seeing the perfect flake fall

A setting sun, a glowing moon

So close and yet so far


Day, yet week, month, year

Standing by, here

You see me, thoughts reflected

No idea what we could be


Love is patient, love is kind

May it set you free

Yet here I long, a burning craze

To hold your face near me


Friends forever, the story goes

Sweet compassion, a pot of gold

At the end of the day

A frown, my rainbow fled astray


Times share so sweet

Laughter a smile away

Could hear it tonight and forever

Could you only see the light


Loving so far away

Friendships knocking before

How long can I stand it

Time that I need more




Gold is the desire

Diamonds the best friend

Money spins the world

Yet you’re all I need


A pale moon glow

Mud soaked seeking eyes

A heart, a smiling face

Melting gold around


So perfect an investment

Flowing waters bubble

To see a final sunset

Make my heart content


Never reaching, ever stretching

Working for the sum of the earth

Fort Knox can’t contain

Beautiful image forever ingrained


They may all want the payout

Yet I just want the sum

So now I save away

Till the time your heart is available

And I can buy you away





Why can’t you see

What we could be

Just you and me

A team of love

Guns firing away

Rocket to the moon

Sun setting beauty

A perfect array

Together a day

Eternity to stay

My love for you

Holding forever true

A perfect bond

Holding strong

Love where we are

Longing for more

Time may tell

Where the tale will end

Until that day

I’ll never stray

Love you forever I may

So long as you are happy

Immortal words of love

Do you see its you?

Can you feel the truth?

Look around at what I have

There you stand true blue

Last one after the war

All alone, no one else

I look toward happiness and smile

You’re my hearts true desire

Future is bright, I can tell

Here and now your beauty untold

Poets dream of such inspiration

You’re the one my heart beats for

Your magic spell, I laugh

Scent so sweet, joyful flutter

Innocent plea, look at me

Your all the happiness I need