Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Nature's Expression

These poems were written a year ago, when I sat at the waters edge, hungry for inspiration. While my writing style has changed 100%, these poems deserved a glance.

look all around me and see only beauty
Yet, my love you always look better
Your face as soft as the falling moons light
The grace of the dove flying from the soul.

Oh how your heart pours like a river
Your mind as complex and deep as the stars
Spirit as strong as the land
A perfect body standing tall like the trees surround.

My love burns like the setting sun
Your cool breath brushing my face
I love to sit and watch your perfection
Like the still water on a calm night

I will love you as long as the stars show bright
Until the last drop of water is gone
Gods perfection in your face and nature
Your image Gods true piece of beauty.




Gods earth is alive
Its children are singing
The winds blow gentle
Cool breath upon the earth

Choruses of songs
The birds, the leaves, the water
Singing about the love of live
Preaching the sermon of our time

How still the water sits
Sleeping on the bed of the earth
How rich our mother is
Draped in green so fine.

Thousands of years shall pass
Yet this sight shall never fail
To touch a lover; a poets soul
And prove God's love for all.




Why must we question what we already know?
To look to the heavens in wonder
Why can't we just let go and let the future rest
In the deep dark corners of the soul.

Why must we reach for the stars?
When we know that we are bound to fall
Is this the devils pain?
Stabbing out a broken heart

Why do we sit and think and dream?
Wishing for a heart filled failure
Why must we look into Hell's fire?
Our future burning in the flames.

We don't know why we seek false answers
Simply to go and be shattered
We fear reality and the grim future
That only time and pain can show.




The artist palette is filled with color
So clearly the eye can see
Yet God had the power and heart
To find them all a place to be

Blue is the cold; the hard; the mind
We look up to heaven and see
Water crushing like the mighty hand
Ripples of blue to shatter the smooth.

Green is the rich; the earth; the body
The trees stand tall in his majesty
he blades falling and bending in his honor
And the cycle of life is complete.

Brown is the core; the solid; the soul
It stands in defiance of none
To come in so many textures and shades
Is to give life to all told

The rest of the band is full and rich
We take in its beauty and grace
The pink and white wisps of Gods blanket
The perfect picture created for you and for me.
To sit and watch its perpetual majesty.