Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

The Beast Within Us All

Three poems make up this collection. Each one tells about a different beast that lives within us all. They show up in our pain, our dreams, our anger... Let the beast take you to the place of darkness within yourself.

Look at the creature in front

The beast furious and wounded

What more can he do

But scare away the world

Bloody hands reflect the man

Tearing apart his victims

Destroying all dreams

Giving up the fight to start another

This worthless act of vein

Pointless pain, endless pain

Fur ripped from the pores and soul

Howling to the moonlight

Thrashing sleep

Dreams of his next victim

Wishing to carry it all away

Look at the sadness

True emotion lies below the skin

A tear fallen, blood spilled

A desire for it all to end

Yet once on the hunt

Can’t end the light

Moonlights endless call

The beast jumps, the final being

All that he loved and cared

Now that shes gone

Away he flees, forevermore.

A lost cause with no soul

Killing all he sees

The end never seen





It stares at me, breathing heavy

Blood red eyes holding fast

Breath so cold, a shiver

Blackest fir of the night


It stands up straight, calls my name

Snapping to attention do I fall

A smiling laugh, perched for flight

“Go now fool. Run”


My legs begin to ache

The beast’s game is on

The hunter becomes the hunted

In this flight for life till dawn


I turn around just long enough to see

Rushing rapids try to drown the soul

He catches up, throw my life

Separate it, may I stay


Thrust to the ground a weight

I say nothing, accept my fate

He bares his teeth, open, close

Myself damned with the dead


I wake with a start

My reality nothing more then a dream

Cast the cover away, glancing past, a gasp

For the realization the monster is me




The beast in you

The beast in me

Growling strong

Teeth flair

Together we stand

Not in love, no

Prepared to fight

Evil within calls


Your strong, your sweet

A face hides all lies

Down below a sudden spark

A beastly roar

I sit and watch

Laughing at the weakness you show

Preparing for the strike

Blood do I prepare to show


You jump and pounce

I strike you down

Be at your face, bleed away

You try to fight, no stopping me

Wither away

Cry your last

Make sound no more

No more love is found


I am the animal

You are the lamb

No chance did you have

Death of a sinner, a friend

Reveals the beast within

Washing my paws clean of you

Turning around, walking away

Rid of the soul once contained

Living the beast within