Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

The lost love

When a wife remembers her fallen soldier husband. I don't think its just ok, but I've been told it can bring you to tears... God bless our military.

The flag was draped over the cedar tree.

The letter was held in a trembling hand

The reflections of the newly widow flew

Like the bullets falling in the storm

She had remembered the day they met

She had loved a man in uniform

His eyes, his mouth, his face, his heart

He shared his love with his country and her only

They shared each day in a dream

They know that their time could be short

So they lived for each moment they could steal

Their passion like fireworks on the Forth of July

Then the time came to give back to the world

To thank God for the blessing of his girl

He dawned his frog suit once more

To take the last leap of his life

She choked back tears as she read it again

The president condemning his destiny

"Your husband was killed in a bloody gunfight"

"He fought for something he loved"

"It is to be said that you were his only true love"

"In the presence of God he muttered his last"

"May God bless my darling wife; the love the size of the world"

"God save America and keep safe the one true thing I love"

"He fought with gallant and he fought with soul"

"He served his country well"

"God has taken another true to the kingdom above"

"For the love and passion in which he kept us safe"

She was crying now as the kissed the wooden box goodbye

He held on to his heart that he would have received

She knew that her man was a true hero; a God sent man

And she could never lose her man in uniform.

She would never lose her guardian angel of the soul.