Poetry of the Soul

Come See What's Within

Who am I?

I wish I knew...

Who am I

Who are we

Oh the places we’ll see

Run the soul dry

Just trying to see

Painting the picture

Loudest sing

Who are we really

Being one or three

The stranger of fear

The lover of thee

Dreamer of the world

Failure I see

Stare in the mirror

Answers in seek

No comfort in the face

Waking up to the beat

Who an I

Who are we

Oh the places we’ll see

If only an answer

To the questions we seek




I wish I could see the world

Study from amid the chaos

Insight into the questions within

How might the world view me


From inside to out, differences flow

Two very different people do I show

One of darkness, pain inside

Happy, prosperous friend


How could the know me

Hidden emotions never done

How could they judge the unknown

Tears inside the river pour


Outside the house, grass green

Never know your looking at me

Smiling, waving, whistling a tune

Yet never will I open you the door


What do they see when they gaze

Is it possible to glimpse within

Broken soul hiding around the corner

Two people living as one




Words are like the mirror

Emotion the killer

Smiles, knives and lies

Body falling far behind

Laughter the false soul

Happiness a fragile doll

Style a desire

Speaking, the verbal fire


Thoughts the cutting knife

Heart, a thief in the night

Blood keeping alive

Despair, the bull’s sight

Breakdown, deadly killer

Blackness, the deadly killer

Emptiness, the echoes call

Love, liars show


Inside and out, a battle

Tearing, shredding apart

The end is nearing dead

Who I am, but a mere man

Falling down, bitter kill

No caring, bleeding cause

Walk into both, see, discover

What this creature is